Renew the kitchen knobs

Sometimes a simple gesture can renew the appearance of an environment , have you ever noticed? For example, changing kitchen knobs, which may be broken or old, can give furniture that fresh air you’ve been looking for.

But changing the knobs means finding new ones that fit perfectly with the holes in the previous ones , not to mention the interlocking ones that usually leave a chasm on the door. How to solve this problem without spending a fortune and having to make further holes? The solution is low cost and covers every kind of sign left by previous knobs.

The need:

  • plastic rods about 2 cm wide;
  • bridges for metal pipes;
  • modeling paste for air curing;
  • Pattex All with One;
  • color spray paint of your choice;
  • paper to protect the table;
  • strong adhesive tape;
  • cutter;
  • sand paper.

The first thing to do is to measure the space that we have to cover, that is, the distance between the holes in the door, then we will cut pieces of rod with a sufficient length to cover them. Using the sandpaper we round the edges, leaving them smooth.

With Pattex All with One glue the bridges to the center of the pieces of rod , taking care not to let the adhesive out at the sides. To cover the holes on the bridges we will make fake screws with the modeling paste, in a very simple way: a flattened ball with a mark in the middle made with the cutter. Glue the false screws with a bit of adhesive on each hole and let it dry for 24 hours. We paint with the chosen color, taking care to uniformly cover the entire knob, also on the inside. Leave to dry according to the times indicated on the can.

To glue the new knobs we have to do is put a little ‘sticker on the back and place on the door, doing a little’ pressure. While the adhesive dries we reinforce with a bit of tape, after 24 hours we can take it off and our low-cost knobs will be ready !

Written by:

Marivi Trombeta

Who is Marivi Trombeta? Marivi are us, Cintia (the brunette) and Verónica (the blonde), two Argentine sisters (and here is explained that thing with the straw in the picture, which is called mate) with one foot in Italy (the blackberry) and the other in Spain (the blonde). Since we remember creativity is our driving force, but over the years we have expressed it in a thousand different ways, without being able to give it a precise and exclusive address. After the age of thirty, with different careers and professions behind us, we said … “But do we really have to choose?”. And it was then that Marivi was born, our alter ego that brings together all of our multiple personalities.

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