Pressure cooker: how to use it, cooking times and useful tips

Do not you notice anything strange in these cooking times? They are incredibly short ! Yes, because they are cooking times in pressure cookers , greatly reduced thanks to the high temperatures that are generated and the fact that there is little heat loss. In addition to allowing significant savings in time and energy , the pressure cooker has the advantage of partially preserving the nutrients of food , because if it is true that the higher temperatures will favor the destruction and, in fact,the steam and the reduction of cooking times allow to preserve many . 

The first prototypes of the pressure cooker date back to the second half of the seventeenth century, but the commercialization of the first models began only in the fifties . Over time the design has undergone some tweaking, but the original structure has not been turned upside down : it is a pot with very thick walls and a hermetically sealed lid equipped with valves for the escape of steam. There are models of various capacities: 3-5 liters, 6-8 liters, 10-12 liters . For lunches and dinners of every entity! 

Not sure how to use the pressure cooker?Have you ever thought of buying one to speed up the preparation of your tasty dishes ? Here is a small guide for you that will be very useful for you !   

How to use the pressure cooker?

Pour a small amount of water into the pressure cooker – from half a glass to 2 glasses, depending on the type of food and its quantity – and in any case never fill it more than two thirds of its height, because the food inside is cooked mainly thanks to the action of steam . After adding the food to be cooked, make sure to close the lid properly and make sure the valves are in the correct position, otherwise the pressure will not increase inside, and turn the stove on. 

Cook over high heat until the pot has reached the right pressure and temperature. How do you notice it? Simple, the steam will come out of the valve emitting the classic hiss. At this point lower the flame and start to calculate the cooking time. When cooked, before opening the lid you will have to open the pressure cooker valve manually to release all the steam and bring the pressure back to normal levels. Alternatively, you can wait for the steam to come out autonomously and the pressure decreases until the valve is spontaneously released, but remember that in the meantime the food will tend to continue cooking.

Pressure cookers: prices for every need

Today, even more technological versions with a timer display are added to the classic pressure cookers ; prices, therefore, vary considerably, and not only in relation to the capacity. The cost of traditional pressure cookers ranges from 50-60 euros in smaller ones , up to 80-100 euros in larger ones. In pressure cookers with displays , prices range from 140-160 euros to 180-200 euros for the most capacious models. 

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