How to clean the aluminum of the coffee maker

The cup of coffee and the coffee pot are two of the objects that most represent Italians and Italy in the world ; moreover – in many homes – coffee is a real ritual that is not renounced, either after lunch or at other times of the day. It is easy to guess, therefore, how the coffee maker is one of the most widely used tools in the kitchen and it is inevitable that it needs maintenance . At this point – however – the question becomes thorny: there are two different currents of thought , obviously opposed as often happens in Italy (Guelphs against Ghibellines, right against left, more against blondes etc.). Buthow to clean the aluminum of the coffee pot ? 

The first of these currents claims that the aluminum coffee maker should only be rinsed and not cleaned : it is precisely the absence of cleaning to give the coffee its unmistakable flavor . On the opposite barricade the other current of thought : the coffee pot must necessarily be cleaned , it goes to the hygiene of the kitchen and the health of those who use it. If you belong to the second school of thought, here are some suggestions on how to clean the aluminum of the coffee maker effectively . 

Therecleaning the outside of the coffee maker is simple: a soft sponge isenough , not to scratch it, and a product to make aluminum shiny, such as Sidol for metals. When rubbing, you will need a little more elbow grease at the bottom, which will be blackened by the flame of the stove. For the inside , including filter and gasket, more attention is needed instead .  

To remove any incrustations present you can rely on natural remedies . If the filter has particularly hard deposits to remove, you can soak it in a container with boiling water and a glass of vinegar , leaving it to act for half an hour. At the end of the procedure, you can wash it with a dish detergent like Nelsen Limone, which degreases the internal surfaces of the coffee maker. 

Finally the gasket : before cleaning it, check that it is not deformed – since in this case it will have to be replaced – otherwise proceed with the cleaning by rubbing the rubber with a cloth and a little detergent or alternatively vinegar . Both solutions are valid for eliminating coffee residues.

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