What Is a Magnetic Wine Aerator

what is a magnetic wine aerator

After the end of wine aerating process, you can experience full taste of your wine. It makes sense that after releasing its hidden levels of flavor, it becomes better than it is. With aerating the wine, you are going to trigger two elements. Evaporation and oxidation. By evaporation we mean, the evaporation of components such as sulfites from the wine. That leaves you only with aromatic and flavorful compounds.

How Can You Aerate Wine?

There are several methods for aerating your wine. We are going to name some of them.

Pouring in a Glass

The first and the most simplistic way of aerating the wine is opening the bottle and pouring wine into a glass. After then you should swirl it inside the glass.

Using a Decanter

When strict treatment of aeration is needed, you should use a decanter. After pouring it into a decanter, you should swirl it inside. That way, the wine will oxidize and release its flavors. After that, you should set it aside. Decanters are mostly made in a particular shape.

Using an Aerator

No matter which type of aerator you are using, it will do the same thing. With going through a handheld or in-bottle stopper, the wine will get much better than it is, due to combining with the air. Usually, aerators are coming with the serving spout. You will experience the best of the wine faster, opposite to the decanter. The only type of wine you can treat with an aerator is sparkling wine.

Magnetic Wine Aerators

Magnetic wine aerators are types of aerators which are using the magnetic principles to make wine taste better. Literally, this process takes only a second. Many wine lovers can confirm this fact. The magnetic wine aerator pourer mostly treats red wine. Using magnets for treating liquids is not a new thing. It is already applied in various other businesses.  Why this method improves the flavor of the wine is not clear.

How Can You Make Wine Better Besides Aerating?

We know that aerating improves the taste of wine. However, there are some other things you can do to improve it. The combination of all these methods will give you an experience you will not soon forget. There are two of them.

Choosing the Right Glass

Wine glasses come in many shapes and sizes. There is a type of glass for every major wine class. They have the task of directing wine to the proper tongue sensors and shaft the aroma through your nose.

Serving Wine at Right Temperature

Usually, you need to serve white wines colder and red wines at room warmth. At a certain temperature, various kinds of wine are releasing their aromas and improving their flavor.


After we saw the benefits of a standard wine aerator, we must compliment magnetic wine aerators. It does its job much quicker than a classic one.