Waterpik WP-560 Review

waterpik wp-560 cordless advanced water flosser

We can all agree that maintaining dental hygiene is a crucial thing for any person. Going to a dentist should be everyone`s habit. Despite that fact, dentists are still one of the most unpopular doctors, so a vast majority of people avoids them.

So, why would you not prevent that from happening? By preserving your dental health, you can dodge the dentists. We are presenting you water flossers, more effective than toothbrushes and dental flosses. More particularly, we are going to talk about Cordless Waterpik Advanced or WP-560.

WP-560 Cordless Advanced

WP-560 is one of the most popular Waterpiks. We are talking about a movable water flosser which is perfect for people who are traveling because of their work or some different reasons. Now, we are going to shine a light on this product, so you can decide if it is worth your money and time.

WP-650 is more commonly known as a cordless advanced. Cordless means that it has no cables and it is moveable. It has a handy and beautiful design. It powers on a NiMH battery which is rechargeable. The pressure range of this water flosser is from 3.000 to 5.000 kg/cm2 and the flow rate per minute is 300ml. Its quieter than most of the water flossers you can find on the market. Due to its mobility, it has a somewhat smaller tank than usual, about 210ml.

Weights about 0.3kg which is perfect for traveling. The built-in battery charges in about 4 hours. With the water flosser, you will get four tips you can change as you want. All of those tips are working on 1250 pulses per minute. You are provided with 3 levels of pressure settings. Even the highest level is not going to make your water showering process uncomfortable.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, WP-560 has its good sides and some flaws. We are going to name them.


  • It`s voltage competences.
  • Great design. It is pretty handy and easy to use.
  • It comes with a great set of features. Some of them are waterproof made flosser, LED indicators, and a quiet machine.
  • Your dental health will be preserved with this device for sure.


  • In comparison to other water flossers, it is more expensive.
  • The battery is not replaceable. That can cause some problems during travel.

Dental Health Benefits of Using Water Flossers

Water flossers are not using too much of your time. It is enough to use them for one minute a day and to feel their positive impact on your dental health. The Waterpik company was under a number of researches, and it has been proved that their products are improving the dental health of their users. There is no reason why WP-560 should be any different. The only real flaw of this product is its water pressure. It has a low, medium, and high levels of pressure. Other elements of this product can only help.