An ordered terrace, with imagination!

One of the latest trends in furniture is to recycle poor items to get unusual accessories. Pallets, wooden boxes and other objects are transformed with a little imagination and a minimum (but minimum) of dexterity, finding new life and a new function. 

I have often been tempted to get to work, but the home style has nothing to do with a recycled furniture. So? I do not give up, and I finally order the terrace , where plants and gardening tools, lanterns and outdoor accessories are starting to get the better of them.

And the design of a cabinet made of wooden boxes is cheap, requires little effort and satisfies my desire for creativity . Depending on the available space you can decide whether to make it develop in height, or in width, or even give it a more dynamic, chess-like shape, overlapping the boxes with fantasy.


  • Fruit boxes (prefer those that are more robust and not too light);
  • Sand paper;
  • Spray paint cans suited to the exterior of the chosen color (I choose bright colors and all different that also like children, but there are those who prefer a more shabby style, choosing an antique white or a pale gray);
  • Pattex Millechiodi Water Resistant to fix the modules of the cabinet and fix the composition to the wall;


Choose the boxes and overlap them to form the piece of furniture : by doing more tests, you can understand what is best for you. Now, if you want to capture the project, take a picture, or a sketch, so you do not have doubts during the work.

Sift the wooden boxes , trying to eliminate the wood chips and trying to smooth the surface as much as possible. At this point, the cassettes are ready to be painted.

Arrange the sheets of newspaper on the terrace and lay the first cassette on the ground: spray the spray-paint on the various modules and let it dry well , proceeding with a second coat. Once the color base is dry, you can decide whether to decorate the cabinet by painting it or, if you want to achieve a shabby chic effect, further sand the cover.

When all the boxes are dry, proceed to the composition of the cabinet, using Pattex Millechiodi Water Resistant  and let it dry well . At this point the cabinet is ready to be fixed to the wall of the terrace. Let it dry again this time and … here it is! Now the terrace no longer looks like a green battlefield!

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